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RE: [cctld-adcom] NON-PARTICIPATING ccTLD's

Eric, the IANA data base shows an entry fo .WS as

That database is what ICANN uses to point to the registry. There can be many

The information lists an administrative contact for the "sponsoring
organization", which is the Government of Western Samoa.

I would suggest you contact the "administrative cotact" if yuou have a

Peter de Blanc

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Behalf Of Eric
Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2000 6:22 PM
Subject: [cctld-adcom] NON-PARTICIPATING ccTLD's

I attach my previous correspondence and ask that if there is simply no
answer to my inquiry that you inform me of that fact.

Mr. Blanc:

Thank you for your courteous and prompt response.

To answer your question the following is what this company purports to
be at this time.  I would say they are acting the
roles of Registry, Registrar, Manager and Administrator. They are not
listed as any of the above in your database. They
are apparently owned by Global Domains, of which I can find no other
record.  Perhaps the fact that they recently
objected to the addition of .web or .site as new TLD's because they use
WebSite to promote .ws may help determine
just exactly what they are today. is the Registry for the ".WS" top level domain.
      We are the organization responsible for registering second
      level domains in the ".WS" domain. We provide the services
      that make the top level domain functional for both domain
      owners and the rest of the Internet. ".WS" is a country code
      domain extension that was originally assigned to the country
      of Samoa. We are marketing ".WS" as WebSite as it makes
      it easier for clients and prospective customers to remember
      ".WS" as a premier domain extension.

My specific inquiry has to do with the following passage. Assuming you
had a ccTLD or Administrator or Manager or
Registrar that was not in compliance with the following and not
accredited and without agreement with ICANN what
remedies would a consumer have and who would enforce them.

      Operational Capability. The TLD manager must do a satisfactory job
of operating the DNS service for the
     domain. Duties such as the assignment of domain
     names, delegation of subdomains and operation of nameservers must
be done with technical competence.
     This includes keeping the IANA or other higher-level
     domain manager advised of the status of the domain, responding to
requests in a timely manner, and
     operating the database with accuracy, robustness, and
     resilience. Because of its responsibilities for the DNS, the IANA
must be granted access to all TLD zones
     on a continuing basis. There must be a primary and a
     secondary nameserver that have IP connectivity to the Internet and
can be easily checked via access to
     zones for operational status and database accuracy by the

Again I thank you for any help you have time to give me in this regard.

Eric Dierker

Subject: RE: [cctld-adcom] FYI. WESTERN SOMOA, WEBSITE, .WS
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 19:57:09 -0400
From: "Peter de Blanc" <>
To: <>
CC: "Elisabeth Porteneuve" <>,

Hello Eric!

You may have confused your terminology. Below, you say "registrar that
not ICANN approved". A ccTLD, such as .WS  is a Registry, not a
Registries do not need to be "ICANN-approved". They existed long before

If you could be more specific in your inquiry, I might be able to assist



Peter de Blanc

chair, ccTLD AdCom

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Behalf Of Elisabeth Porteneuve
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 7:37 PM
Subject: [cctld-adcom] FYI. WESTERN SOMOA, WEBSITE, .WS

I am not sure I understand this complaint. Any ideas ?

| From Wed Nov 29 00:30 MET 2000
| Message-ID: <>
| Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 13:57:12 -0800
| From: Eric <>
| To:
| Subject: [cctld-sec] WESTERN SOMOA, WEBSITE, .WS
| We have been doing business with this company and have invested a
| significant amount of time and money into SLD'S with the .ws ccTLD.
| Now we have come to find out that they have not registered with your
| organization.  Are there any rules or regulations which guide us in
| doing business with a registrar that is not ICANN approved.
| I would appreciate any help you can give me in this regard.
| Sincerely
| Eric Dierker
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